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Wireless remote control movements bed with massage usb

Wireless remote control movements bed with massage usb

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Adjustable bed frame
Enjoy lifestyle and health conditions with adjustable comfort Ergonomic bed with tilted altitude position, head and foot massage, USB port and wireless remote control
38 inches wide × 79 inches long × 15 inches high
Whisper quietly adjustable bed base with independent ergonomic head and foot height; temporary maximum setting, TV / PC and zero gravity position
3-speed separate double head and foot massage to relax, relax and soothe your body
The easy-to-use wireless remote control has preset and plug-in settings for extra convenience, and has two built-in USB ports to charge your electronic device
Three different heights of adjustable legs optional, 6.5 or combined into 10.5 inches; includes mattress holder to keep the mattress in place
Adjustable mattress fits with memory foam, latex, and air mattresses for easy assembly and shipping directly to your door
5 star customer service; available 7 days a week
The adjustable and comfortable bed base turns your bedroom into the most commonly used room in the house to enjoy the lifestyle benefits, including watching TV, reading, using a laptop, etc. Adjustable bed base is a standard alternative product, which is ergonomically expensive and has the same features including interior.

Benefits of adjustable comfort adjustable bed base
With an adjustable and comfortable bed base, a box spring is not needed-it places the platform bed, creating more space for storage under the bed. The adjustable and comfortable bed base is ideal for customers who need to increase due to medical conditions, as well as those who want to have a lifestyle that only has an adjustable bed. The head and legs can be raised and lowered using wireless remote control, while the massage unit adds soothing comfort. Very suitable for watching TV, reading or working on the computer. The adjustable comfortable bed base ships small packages, and is easy to set up. Just disassemble and assemble the frame to put your mattress on top. Suitable for memory foam and latex mattresses and adjustable bed-friendly spring mattresses. The adjustable comfortable bed base has a sleek, modern look, while providing the ultimate full support for your mattress.

Zero gravity position
In this position, the pressure on your waist is mostly eliminated, while increasing blood circulation, reducing the pressure point and zero gravity can also reduce the pressure on the heart and allow easier breathing.

Ergonomic features
Our adjustable and comfortable bed base has many lifestyle benefits. With the touch of a button, you can get the ultimate comfort while reading, watching TV, making a phone call or using a computer.

Double for medical needs
Our adjustable and comfortable bed base has many lifestyle benefits. Just touch the button, you can get the ultimate comfort in the process of reading and learning. Watch TV, call, use your laptop, or play video games. Best of all, our comfortable and adjustable bed base is easy to synchronize, so every side of your king-size bed can be raised and lowered at the same time.

Mattress fixing system
Using a mattress holder bar, the mattress prevents slipping when the bed is raised and lowered.

wireless remote
Touch the button to raise your head and feet to activate the massage machine or move to the set position. The remote control is wireless, so you can operate the base anywhere in the bedroom.

USB port
With two built-in USB ports, you can charge all your devices in the comfort of your bed.

Easy assembly
Easy to assemble, designed for a friendly mattress with adjustable base; shipped directly to your door.

Get it right the first time
Check the size and height of the mattress to ensure that your mattress is being ordered to the correct size. Remember, you should combine adjustable bed base and mattress height, so how tall is your bed?

Double Room XL Size-38 "W x 79" L x 15 "H
Full size-53 "W x 74" L x 15 "H
Queen size-59 "W x 79" L x 15 "H
King size -75 "W x 79" L x 15 "H-1 base needs for King mattress
Split king size-38 "W x 79" L x 15 "H-2 divider base is required for large bed mattress
Quality assurance
Rest assured, three-year worry-free warranty.
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